Guitar Course

Be it the best Guitarists of the world

We teach the methods to make you a wonderful and inspiring Guitarist with the 7 most effective techniques. Be it the best Guitarists of the world, or your ideal RockStars, Each of them know these amazing techniques to make it big in the Music Industry. Other Techniques include Scales, Arpeggios, Staff Notation, Sweep Picking, Legatos, The legendary Two Hand Tapping, Jamming with fellow Musicians, Composing your own Songs. The Course is certified via Trinity College, London on a Merit Basis. The international examination board-Trinity college is an awarding body recognized in United Kingdom by the qualifications and curriculum Authority in England. At the end of each Semester, We have a stage performance for students to brilliantly express their skills on the stage in front of an audience of 500 people.


  • Lead Playing Single Notes
  • Chords Playing Multiple Notes at a given Time
  • Rhythm Right Hand Master Technique used in various songs
  • Plucking (Australian and American) Soothing technique of playing individual notes with the right Hand
  • Finger Style Picking Playing with Finger Nails
  • Flamenco Spanish Style of playing Guitar
  • Percussive Style Playing Drum beats on the Guitar

We guarantee that if you master all of these techniques the way we teach them, you would hardly have any competition around in the shortest span of time!

The Genres that we cover include Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Punk, Grunge, Metal, Bollywood, Classical, Contemporary, R&B, Funk, Fusion and World Music.